What Is Expense Management Software And How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Choosing a financial tech stack for your business is a crucial decision, therefore be 100% sure that the software you’ve chosen can seamlessly integrate itself into your existing processes. If you want expense management software that is simple, scalable, and streamlined, then Volopay is the right choice for your business. While one company may require a specific use out of an application, it is not at all necessary for you to want or need it for that use case. Therefore, be mindful of your needs versus what is available and choose that which fits your goals, not that which is popular. Expense management software simplifies the reimbursement process through OCR technology that captures and categorizes expenses automatically. So, approvers can approve and reject expense claims or request more information within spend management apps like Volopay without the need for separate expense reimbursement software.

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In the long run, this could save your company time, money, and excess stress. Some expense software doubles as an online booking tool, allowing employees to make their travel arrangements, then automatically submit their trip details for approval and reimbursement. Employees should be able to upload their receipts via text message, Gmail, Outlook, etc.

How To Choose Expense Management Software

Receipt Tracking – Only a few years ago, being able to digitally capture and parse receipts using a smartphone camera seemed like magic. Another essential method for tracking receipts How To Choose Expense Management Software is email forwarding, especially for hotel and flight bookings. Policy Violation Check – Analyzes receipts and user data to track spending limits and when an expense should be audited.

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You have to know the functionality and the purpose that your employee expense management platform needs to serve. This will impact the capabilities that you will require your software to offer. That is why it is important to understand your unique set of challenges and work closely with your team. This way you ensure that you are choosing a software that offers all the capabilities and functionalities needed. Only then can you look forward to efficiently and accurately track, manage, and report your organization’s expenses. In addition to these benefits, employee spend management software allows your company to operate this function by enhancing productivity, visibility, and simplified reporting.

How To Choose Expense Management Software

In order to make your choice a bit easier, we’ve compiled the most important things to consider when picking an app for your team. However, choosing a software tool that matches the company’s needs is certainly not so easy. Automated– Most of the tasks such as filing expense reports are automated with the help of auto-receipt scanning. Barbara is currently a financial writer working with successful B2B businesses, including SaaS companies. She is a former CFO for fast-growing tech companies and has Deloitte audit experience.

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Expense management software allows companies to submit, process, reimburse and report on employee spending. An expense management software should aim to make the exercise seamless. With answers to the above questions, you can start skimming through our expense management software feature list and then zero in on the ones you would benefit your business. CFOs and management must have access to accurate data to ensure that decisions taken are guaranteed to impact the organization positively. But it can be challenging to effectively track employee spending trends and patterns with a manual process.

  • Once you know what features you need, you can start looking at different programs and compare them.
  • You want to choose software solutions that are scalable and that offer customization options.
  • The comprehensive report provides a two-dimensional picture of the market.
  • For small and mid-sized businesses, it’s better to choose SaaS based applications because they are affordable, scalable, and customizable.
  • The management is able to get a holistic view of the company’s overall expenses.
  • When you have multiple payment methods for different vendors, it can be particularly difficult to get a clear insight into your company’s spending as a whole.

After all, there are a variety of providers on the market, and they all have their own nuances. Automated expense management makes it easier to track spend, issue approvals, and reimburse employees. Some companies will have a subscription fee, while others will charge per transaction. Is a security management tool that enables users to manage and configure firewall rules from a single location for all AWS applications and accounts. Despite solid technical support, FireMon lacks a command manual that would make all functionalities easier to use and configure.

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Budgeting plays a key role in deciding what type of travel and expense management software to choose. According to your business needs and current budget considerations, decide whether you would like to go with an on-premise solution or a cloud based system. Ultimately, your spend management software has to provide the right set of features, functionality, and capabilities to serve your organization. Knowing your challenges will help to determine the best possible options regarding the software that you end choosing.

To set submission policies on cards, they must be attached to their respective departmental budgets to be properly enforced. For example, if you are creating an approval workflow for the marketing department, then you can set multi-level approvals with dedicated approvers. This ensures that only valid requests reach the final decision-maker that is worth their time. When a member puts in a card request or an expense claim, the first-level approver gets instantly notified. After the first approver approves the request, approval is triggered for the second level, and so on. Your employees never have to wait for months to get compensated for out-of-pocket expenses.

Accurate and timely business spend management is a priority for most organizations and is a substantial challenge. While this function is necessary for any business or organization, ensure that it is done with as much accuracy as possible is difficult. Understanding the challenges that spend management causes will give you a better idea of what to consider when choosing a new expense management solution.

When considering expense management software, read reviews and compare pricing. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, schedule a demo with each vendor to see how the software works in real-time. Make sure the software you choose is compatible with your existing accounting software.

The info will cover every aspect of your company’s performance and as a result will help you adjust your policies and plan out strategies that will make a big difference in your bottom line. The finance team audits expense reports for compliance, when necessary. Employees log expenses, then submit them for reimbursement either directly to their manager, accounting department, or via an expense management system. An expense management policy outlines what expenses can and cannot be submitted for reimbursement. An Artificial Intelligence solution ensures that advanced features such as text recognition save time on expense management. The feature can accurately recognize the text on a receipt and extract the contents.

Integrate it quickly and easily with some other software such as a travel management system or HR system. Once you know the problems you need to solve, the part of researching for software becomes simpler. The criteria for your business will depend on the problems you and your employees face.

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Before you decide what resource scheduling software to adopt, talk to your project leads and the team members who’ll be using it. Make sure it fits their workflow and will solve the problems they actually have, rather than simply consuming one of the most valuable resources—their time. Even within the SaaS world, subscription models can vary dramatically.

How To Choose Expense Management Software

By eliminating the need for manual expense tracking, you can use the time saved to analyze your financial data rather than collecting it. The insight you gain from your own records empowers you to make more informed decisions to support your company’s growth. Expense management is just one of the many essential financial processes that organizations are choosing to automate for increased operational efficiency.

When you’ve determined your finalists, schedule a demo with each provider. Here, you’ll be able to see the products in real-time and ask any questions. The product experts can also explain how their expense reporting software will work for your business specifically.

How To Choose The Right Business Expense Management Software +free Checklist

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Continue reading to learn more about how to choose the best software for your organization. Once you choose a provider and implement the software successfully, continue to monitor and evaluate your choice. But if it isn’t, know that you can always go to your provider with any concerns or look for a new vendor. To get the most out of this software, it’s important to find a provider that will meet your specific needs. Armed with industry-leading technology and security measures, we’re committed to protecting your data.

After necessary checks, they approve it, reject it, or ask for more information. As well as analyses and reports, the expenses hub can also be used to detect fraud. Auditors are immediately alerted to any abnormal expenses, without having to review each expense individually.

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Small and medium-sized businesses will have a different set of options compared to a larger corporation. Still, you need to be sure that it provides a solution to your challenges while also adding considerable value to your organization. SentricHRis an all-in-one HRIS that combines expense management with your HR and payroll needs. With our mobile app, robust dashboards, seamless reimbursements, and more, you can streamline expense management for you and your employees no matter where you are. Once you’ve decided to automate expense management, the question becomes how to choose the right software for your business.